Gynaecology involves the health of a woman’s reproductive system and the treatment of its diseases that may arise from various factors.

A/Prof Fong was Head of Benign Gynaecology in NUH for 10 years before he moved into private practice. He sees many types of gynaecological conditions and his approach to therapy includes medication, surgery, and prevention.

At ALRC, we treat:

Menstruation problems
Ladies who experience painful menses, infrequent/irregular periods, excessive bleeding or the absence of periods, find out more about what could be causing them.

Endometriosis a lifelong condition which can affect one’s quality of life. Find out more about the management of endometriosis from our specialist.

What are Fibroids? Find out more about them, how Fibroids can affect fertility, pregnancy and the management of fibroids.

Ovarian Cysts
Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs which develop on a woman’s ovary. Find out more about ovarian cysts and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) here.

Congenital Genital Tract Abnormalities
Congenital Genital Tract Abnormalities are structural deformities of the reproductive system that could be treated with surgery.

Pre-conception Screening
Get your health assessed and optimised for pregnancy. This includes reviewing existing medical conditions and potential genetic diseases. Find out more here.