Gynaecological Screenings

In addition to regular overall health screenings, it is important for women to take preventive steps and regularly screen for women’s cancers to ensure they are well-informed and protected.

Pap Smear

A pap smear is a simple and effective procedure which has proven effectiveness in the early detection of cervical cancer, which ranks among the top 10 women’s cancers in Singapore. During a pap smear, your gynaecologist will gently scrape some cells from the cervical wall to examine for any abnormalities. This procedure should be conducted regularly every 3 years for sexually active women. A pap smear can be performed together with the HPV vaccination every 5 years.


With around 1850 new cases diagnosed every year, breast cancer is the top cancer among women in Singapore. While it is important for women to conduct regular breast self-examinations, a mammogram offers an effective screening solution for the early detection of breast cancer, greatly increasing cancer survival rates. A mammogram can detect malignant lumps which may not be felt during a breast self-examination. Women above 40 are advised to get a mammogram done annually.